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Top 15 lessons
 Writing Alphabet Mm
  Learn how to write the letter M
  Early Stage
 I am Electricity, what do i need?
  Learn what are the things electricity needs.
  Key Stage2
 Writing Alphabet Xx
  Learn how to write the letter X
  Early Stage
 Writing Alphabet Tt
  Learn how to write the letter T
  Early Stage
 Writing Alphabet Qq
  Learn how to write the letter Q
  Early Stage
 Perfect Square
  Identify the square root of the given numbers.
 Number Bonds
  A super activity for finding number bonds of the numbers up to 10. It is great for investigating different number bonds.
  Early Stage
 Identify Hot or Hold
  Identify Hot or Hold
  Early Stage
 Warm or Cold?
  A study of identification whether warm or cold
  Early Stage
 Identify 11 to 30
  This game can help children learn the numbers to 30. The objects are usefully arranged in tens and ones.
  Key Stage1
 The letter M
  Learn how to identify letter M
  Key Stage1
 Simple Math
  Simple arithmetic
  Key Stage1
 Multiplication Facts and Skip Counting
  Useful for demonstrating skip counting and showing how groups are represented by multiplication sentences.
  Key Stage2
 The Drawing Tools
  Identify the different tools used in drawing
  Key Stage2
 Percentage Fractions Chains
  A useful teaching tool for use on an IWB particularly for starter or plenary sessions. Set your class the challenge of finding percentage values of figures up to four digits. Work on percentages of money, weight, length, numbers and fractions of numbers.
  Key Stage3
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