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 Integra - Integra Payroll Master Super Flexi   
HRIS - Human Resources Information System
Automatic Memo Printing
Loans and SL/VL Tracking/Conversion
Comprehensive Paperless 201 File
Unlimited Number of Employees
Importation of Daily Attendance Records


 Integra - Integra Payroll Master Government Edition   
Flexible Working Hours
Compute Maternity Benefit
Automatic Checking of Local and National Holiday
Create your own format of HR forms and Payroll forms
Personnel Management Information System
Offsetting of Tardiness
Maintains an accurate record of leave credits
Monetize leave credits and compute Terminal Leave Benefit

 Integra - Integra Payroll Master Enterprise Edition   
Unlimited number of employees
Unlimited company files
Online Loan Application and Approval
Online Leave Application and Approval
Online Payslip and Loan Status Inquiry
Online Schedule and Daily Time Record Inquiry
Built-in Report Designer and Viewer
Hourly Project Assignment
Cost Center