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Fire Prevention Tips for your workplace, National Fire Prevention Month

The month of March happens to be one of the hottest months in the Philippines. Since it has stated in facts that summer season has the most number of fire incidents in the country, Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A as declared to be the official observation of Fire Prevention Month. It is to promote knowledge, education and awareness to[…]

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Say Goodbye to the Irritating Tropical Heat

Ever heard of the term “Outdoor Cooling System”? Well you’re about to. Introducing the Polarmist Outdoor Cooling System, a device that pumps water through high-pressure nozzles creating ultra-thin droplets sprayed into the air, allowing air to humidify and produce a more cool and refreshing ambiance for your convenience.[…]

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How Providing your Customers with Free Wifi can Help your Business

"Do you have WiFi?"

This is a question we often hear nowadays when going to certain establishments. Today, Internet connection is definitely a basic necessity for all. Every demographic type of consumer tends to seek it everywhere they go – this is the key reason why most[…]

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The New Wireless Audio: Hylex WDA-30

Specializing in high quality audio systems such as Paging Systems, Amplifiers, UHF Wireless Speakers, and Portable Sound Systems, Hylex has been around the industry for the past 20 years.

Its newest product, the WDA-30, is one of the most advanced speakers available in the market. With a remote capability of[…]

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Power Up Your Desktop Computing with vCloudPoint Zero Client

The use of zero clients greatly simplifies computer network management, because software issues can be handled on a single server instead of on every individual PC workstation.

However, there are more reasons that prove that switching from the traditional PC set-up to zero client is a wise move.

Here are some[…]

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3 Reasons Why This PA System Is Right For You

Choosing the right speaker for you to buy is not that easy as it looks.

Variety of brands have emerged since day one and as you look around now, you can see different kinds of speakers whether you’re at home, office, mall, church, and anywhere else.

Suddenly, it’s difficult for us to choose which speaker will fit well with our[…]

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The Master is Back: Supremosoft Launches Integra HRIS Payroll Master

After 10 years of research and expertise on software development, after releasing 6 successful versions of the Integra Payroll Master used by thousands of private companies and big government agencies in the Philippines, after gathering all positive and negative feedbacks from our beloved customers about[…]

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Reasons to Use a Wormhole Switch rather than a USB Flashdrive

Have you ever wondered if there’s another way of transferring unlimited files without using a USB flashdrive? Are you always in a constant battle with those pesky viruses that keep on sneaking up in your USB?

Well, there is a solution to your problem.

Ever heard of wormholes? No, not that thing you see in sci-fi movies like Star Trek and[…]

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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Switch to Using Zero Clients over Traditional PCs

Traditional PCs are often used at schools or companies where CPUs have a capability to generate increased power consumption, to let a difficulty in accessing numerous software applications to arise, to cause a lot of money to be put to waste, and to let equipment deteriorate to[…]

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One Fingerprint Away

No matter how we try to be creative with our password, there will always be possibilities for it to be hacked.

Nowadays, words are not secured as we think they are. Words can make or break us. The same goes with our passwords – we can never[…]

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Integra HRIS: The Employee's Best Friend

We value our employees as they are the heart of the company. Without them, it’s almost impossible to operate the business. Manpower is everything, and employees[…]

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Serving Your Clients Better

We may not think about it every time, but the way companies handle long queues can affect them positively or negatively.

Customers are the most important people in every business – they are the ones who help companies earn profit. Isn’t it nice to see that a lot of customers[…]

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

If there’s a voice, it can be heard. If it can be heard, it can be listened to. If it can be listened to, it can be learned.

Learning comes from a voice, a loud voice to capture[…]

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Multipoint Workstation System

A Multipoint Workstation System creates a low-cost, energy-efficient alternative to the usual setups where each user has their own computer and CPU unit. MCT provides a user-friendly system where you won’t need full computers for everyone who[…]

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How Wireless Presentation Gateway Creatively Changed the Way of Sharing Information

Before, learning seems so hard to do due to lack of proper equipment or tools that will help us gain information. People had been underprivileged to attain multi-level knowledge which resulted to[…]

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Stay Cool with a Misting Machine!

Many people have been experiencing extreme heat during this summer season. Even pets and plants suffer due to intense heat.

It is not only uncomfortable, but it can be downright dangerous to your health, which can lead to dehydration and in severe causes, even death. Taking necessary steps to[…]

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Cosmotech, Helping You Prepare for the Future

Founded in 1994, Cosmotech Philippines, Inc. has developed over the years to be the successful company it is known today. It continues to offer a strong selection of systems and technology expertise in the field of[…]

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