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Integra Payroll Master Software

The best payroll software for any type of business – all in a single affordable package.

The Integra Payroll Master has an unlimited number of employee features, super flexible time-keeping and payroll processing. Payrolling time can be reduced by 90% compared to manual payrolling. With its built in HR Module, archiving of employees’ 201 files has never been this easy. Reasonably priced with excellent after-sales service – definitely this software is what you need.

Know more about the Integra Payroll Master Software:

Advantages of Having Integra Payroll Software

It is specially designed and developed in the Philippine environment; it conforms to the country’s laws and general practices. As a Philippine Payroll software, it has a lot of features which will surely benefit you and your business.

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More About Integra Payroll Master Software

Visit Supremosoft Corporation official website and know more about the Integra Payroll Master Software.

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Payroll Master 2014

New Features:

  • Two Level of Administrator Account
  • Restrict confidentiality level assignment
  • Import Employee feature to update selected fields
  • Auto Back-up System
  • Cash payment for Employee Loans
  • Custom Forms Designer with unlimited design for each form
  • New alert window for employee’s Length of Service ( Anniversary)
  • Tardiness Policy per Employee
  • Printable Audit Trail

Standard Features:

  • Salary Adjustment
  • Import Payroll Entries
  • Semi-Monthly, Weekly and Piece Rate Employees
  • Monthly-Paid Employees
  • Early Overtime
  • Tardiness and Absenteeism Memo
  • Flexible Voucher Designer
  • SL/VL Cash Conversion
  • Loan File Maintenance
  • Formula Based Payroll Account Code
  • Bonus File Entry
  • Process 13th Month Pay Upon resignation
  • Flexible Employee Scheduler
  • Multi-Banks for ATM Payroll
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