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Integra Queue Master

Managing long queues doesn’t have to take so long

Want to reduce long lines in your facility? Integra Queue Master is the answer to your problem. Systematically arrange and manipulate the long queues while attending to the concerns of your customers thus avoiding customer attrition.

System Overview

The Integra Queue Master is an intelligent Queue Management System designed to help companies organize and control the number of customers transacting in their stores and offices, which results to a more orderly management of customer transactions. It is an important tool to measure the efficiency of each front line employee on how they attend to each customer using the built-in analytics - this is necessary to establish better processes and improve customer satisfaction. To top it all, the system significantly helps the management in observing their customer demographics, peak operating time, and many more...

Key Features

  • ➣ Browser-based operation
  • ➣ User-friendly interface
  • ➣ Works even without printer paper
  • ➣ Automatic summarization of queue entries per transaction
  • ➣ Automate/Manual customer queue selection
  • ➣ Customer queue transfer
  • ➣ Comprehensive analytic system
  • ➣ Flexible report time durations
  • ➣ Customizable ticket layout
  • ➣ Support multiple ticket printers
  • ➣ Customizable Queue Display layout
  • ➣ SMS notifications
  • ➣ Multiple display support
  • ➣ Unlimited number of transactions
  • ➣ User-definable buttons
  • ➣ Customizable interface graphics
  • ➣ Pass or Grab on Queues
  • ➣ Cancelation for no show customers

Key Strengths


With the industry tested hardware and software components, the Integra Queue Master System is expected to perform all days of the year. It has a user-friendly interface which allows customers and counter-operators alike to easily adapt in using the system.


The Integra Queue Master is a web-based system that works on any browser.It requires installation only on the server and allows PCs or tablets connected to a local area network be used as work stations. This setup provides faster response, easier implementations, and fast deployment of system upgrades.


The Integra Queue Master uses a smart classification of services which allows it to direct customers into counters corresponding to the services they are required to take. Also, counters may also choose to call customers either automatically or manually thus letting counters to conduct prioritizations, should there be some immediate concerns and special attention needed.


In order to be compatible with the various needs of each company, the Integra Queue Master is designed to be entirely customizable - from the system design which is concerned with the number of counters, devices used, and number of queue displays all the way to the system's visual elegance including ticket deign and queue display layout.


The Integra Queue Master can easily be expanded into more complex installations because of its flexible nature. Additional counters can be conneted without any problems as long as they are connected to the same network.